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hi hi !! welcome to my carrd. before anything else, credits to lime.crd.co ! there's three sections in this scrollbar byf, dni and my likes !

i love rin kagamine she's mine and only mine <3

likes !! bunnies, rin kagamine, miku maekawa, mikurin, pink, pjsekai idolm@ster, acnh, weeekly, vocaloid, poppy animanga haikyuu, madoka, tsurune, yuyuyu, bnha, bsd, horimiya, etc crk
fnaf, ddlc
please tag el rubius, therapy and suicide with pdl if i do or i follow someone problematic lmk through dms !

byf i tweet a lot or go ia randomly im ok with kys jokes i rt a lot of art, i tweet in english and spanish i forget to use tonetags but try to <3 i have a quote bot that tweets every 3 hours i have rsd i talk about all of my intrests

dni basic dni criteria, mcyttwt, main genshintwtw lovemail rin kagamine hate anyone in pj sekai or started playing it because of engsekai (current moots r ok), suibait proshipper or weird in general lol


i love u faggot


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